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Inventory Checklist

A long, balloon animal style balloon for shaking at the screen anytime there are snake attacks. Better yet a Rubber Snake.

Champagne poppers to pull anytime there is a gunshot.

Small rubber snakes for throwing into crowd and at screen.

Snake sock puppets.


Paper airplanes.


Pick Sides!

When: Waiting in line and in the theatre.


Snake Cheer 1: Give me an "S"! Give me an "S"! Give me an "S"! What does that spell? "SSSSSSsssss!!!!"

Snake Cheer 2: "Roll Call!" Cha Cha Butchee Cha Cha Cha Butchee. ROLL CALL! My Name is Python, I'm eight feet long, I have big fangs, so check me out! Etc.




Plane Cheer 1: "We are the planes and we're here to say, HELLO to you in a mighty way! We're not glad to see you, we're not glad you're here, but we'll still salute you with a hello cheer... H-E-L-L-O, Planes are here to say hello!

Plane Cheer 2: "Hey, Snakes, Check it out, the Planes will beat you, check it out!"




Entering the Theater

When: Entering a crowded theater ask "Is this Pacific Flight 121?" Audience_Shout: "No it's Snakes on a Mutherfucking Plane!"

When: Once in the theatre. Go to the back of the theatre so you make a silhouette on the screen.

What: Make a shodow puppet that looks like a snake. Everyone in the audience should shout, AHHH A SNAKE! Then have someone else make the shadow of a gun and shoot the snake, the audience should cheer at this point.



When: When the title of each preview is given

What: Shout: "Yeah that's good, but it's not snakes!"



If the THX screen features the mooing cow cup, counter it with hissing!

If the THX screen features the medley of quotes, cheer when SLJ says "And I shall strike down..."




Opening Credits

When: Before the title appears.

What: Call out alternate snake-related titles for the movie, like: “Snake the Money and Run,” “Muppets Snake Manhattan,” "Garden Snake," “Extreme Snakeover, Plane Edition,” "Snakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo" "Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Snakes." Alternatively, start a slow chant in the crowd of "Snakes, snakes, snakes..." until the title is displayed.


Opening Credits

When: When title first appears

What: When the word "SNAKES" appears, say, "But...where?" And when the title "On A Plane" appears--Scream at the top of your lungs!



When: The movie is still showing the people on the beach

What: Sing the Baywatch music, or say "She can charm my Snake any time." or "Where my snakes at?!"


Drinking Red Bull

When: The dude gets off the motor Cycle and opens the Red Bull

What: Say, "Red Bull gives you Snakes!" or "Red Bull Give you Wings!" and moments later when the man fall upside down off the bridge, "Nevermind!"


Hilarious Samuel L. interrogation/product placement

When: Samuel L. finally runs out of steam during the pressure tactics after tossing Red Bull can in evidence(?) bag.

What: Continue the rant: "And you didn't recycle either!"


Hilarious Samuel L. interrogation/product placement 2

When: Sean begins to ask a question about what he should do by saying "What-"

What: In a Samuel L Jackson voice, cut him off and dare him to "Say 'What' Again!" (reference to the Pulp Fiction scene where Samuel L Jackson performs a different type of interrogation)


Any Requests

When: As the stewardess' are walking throught the airport and say the lines "Any requests for your final flight" "Just what every flight atendent wants" "Low Maintenence Passengers"

What: after the first two lines shout "Snakes" and after the last line, shout "And Snakes". so it should sound like this..."Any requests for your final flight" "Snakes" "Just what every flight atendent wants" "Snakes" "Low Maintenence Passengers" "And Snakes"


You Don't Look Like a Surfer

When: When the witness tells SLJ "You don't look like a surfer".

What: Shout, "Then why are you trying to fuck me like a surfer?" (References a famous line from the beginning of Pulp Fiction.)


When: When the witness tells SLJ "You don't look like a surfer".

What: Say, "Because you're black!"


Tiffany Introduces Herself to the Witness

When: Tiffany says to the witness, "Hi, I'm Tiffany."

What: Say, in the same voice as Tiffany, "Would you like a blowjob?"

When: Tiffany hears that Sean is a witness and say that's so.."

What: Say, in the same voice as Tiffany, "Cold? Lukewarm?" (Then Tiffany will say "hot").



When: The snake is thrown into the microwave

What: Shout, "Are you making a Snakin' Lettuce and Tomatoe Sandwich?" or "These Snake TV Dinners Always Explode."


Is it safe?

When: The rich blonde girl with the dog asks, "Is it..SAFE in coach?"



Guess who else is on the plane?

When: The stewardess asks the little boy upon boarding "Guess who else is on the plane?"

What: Shout, "Motherfucking Snakes!!"


Guess who else is on the plane? PART 2

When: When the Dad asks "..And what do men do?"

What: Shout, "Beat women!"


Sammy shows his badge

When: Samuel L Jackson shows his badge to the stewardesses.

What: Shout, "It's the badge that says 'Bad Motherfucker' on it!!" (Pulp Fiction reference.)


Flight instructions

When: The stewardesses are doing the flight instructions.

What: You stand in front of the theater and do the flight instructions as well.


Snakes in their Cages

When: When the snakes are still in their cages.

What: Demand their release by calling out: “Free the Snakes!” “Let my Python Go!” “Cages are for Criminals. They’ve done nothing wrong!” While doing this, take the rubber snakes you have with you and shake them at the screen.


Snake Clock Countdown

When: As the clock counts down to zero

What: Count down with it: "Three... two... one... SNAKES!!!!"



The Cages Open

When: When the cages swing open

What: Shout: "Show us your mother, Riff!"


Snake Cam

When: We see snake vision

What: Shout "Snake cam!"


Did you HEAR THAT?

When: Woman standing says, “Did you hear that?”

What: Shout: “It's the snakes!”


Captain Goes Down

When: The Captain goes into the hold”

What: Shout: “I have a bad feeling about this!”


Captain Goes Down part.2

When: The Captain sticks hand in for breakers”

What: Shout: “I have a REALLY bad feeling about this!”


Fatal Heart Attack

When: Rick anounces that the Captain has had a fatal heart attack

What: Say "And then the visual effects animator had a fatal heart attack, and the snakes were no more." (A line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail)


When: They go into the Cockpit to inspect the body.

What: Say "Why does no one see the snake bites on his neck?" you could follow it by saying "Maybe it was a vampire!"


Pre Mile High Club

When: Snake Comes and peaks down into the bathroon in night vision.

What: Say "It's the Paris Hilton Video."


Mile High Club

When: Couple decides to join the “mile high club.”

What: Shout: “Show me your snake!” then hold your rubber snakes aloft for a few seconds for people to see.


When: As soon as you start to see her breasts.

What: Shout in the voice of a small child, "I'm too young for this movie!"


Mile High Club 2

When: Couple decides to join the “mile high club.”

What: Shout: “Sex on a plane!”


Mile High Club 3

When: Woman joining the “mile high club” sees the snake.

What: Shout: “That's not his snake!”


Mile High Club 4

When: Woman joining the “mile high club” is bit by the snake.

What: Shout: “Got Milk!”


Mile High Club 5

When: The Stewardess says, "Wow, he's good"

What: Shout, "I'm better", "You're good, but I'm better!" (reference to taunt by the archnemesis Wolf in Starfox 64), or "Good? He's the best!" (From the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode "Pod People")


Guy Taking a Leak

When: The snake bites the guy's crotch

What: Shout, "Trouser Snake!" or "Snake on a snake!"



Sam's Security Line

When: During Sam Jackson's lines, “You know all those security scenarios we ran? Well I'm smack in the middle of one we didn't think of.”

What: After “... we ran?” shout: “Yeah?” After “... didn't think of.” scream.


Don't Snake a Baby

When: When the baby is in danger of a snake attack.

What: Shout, "Never EVER snake a baby!" (Reference to radio commercials for http://www.dontshakeababy.com/


You Fucked Up

When: When They Find the two boys hinding in the flight attendents area and the older brother says, "I was supposed to take care of him."

What: Shout, "Yeah, Well you Fucked Up!"



Sucking out the Snake Venom

When: After the woman sucks the venom out of the kid's arm, and Kenaan Thompson say's, "I got bit too"

What: Shout, "Me too!"


Sucking out the Snake Venom 2

When: After the woman sucks the venom out of the kid's arm, and Kenaan Thompson say's, "I got bit too"

What: Shout, "On my penis!"


Oxygen Masks Drop from Ceiling

When: Pilot tries to kill snakes and hits release button.

What: Throw Rubber Snakes and/or Release Snake Balloons


Oxygen Masks Drop from Ceiling 2

__What: Yell "Release the snakes!!!" in your best mad scientist or Dr. Evil voice.


Can anybody...

When: Woman says into microphone, “Can anybody hear me?”

What: Shout: “No!”



When: Neville says, “Sporks.”

What: Shout: “It's a spoon and a fork!”


Stewardess Runs...

When: The stewardess comes across the empty cabin.

What: Shout with her, “Rick? Rick!”


Rick's Not Dead

When: When Rick come out of the breaker room after being bitten by a snake.

What: Since everyone thought Rick was dead say "I'm not dead yet!" (reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.) ALTERNATE LINE: "I'm Popeye, The Sailor MAAAAN!!!"


Pick on Sean

When: THe flight attendant sits next to Sean and says "Mind if I" while pouring him a drink

What: Shout: “Suck your Cock”


Save your feet!

When: Snake barely misses biting woman in pink on the foot.

What: SCREAM, lean back and lift both feet above your head.



There's a Snake in My Boot

When: Just before the Snake almost bites the woman in pink on the foot.

What: Shout: "There's a Snake in my boot."(Reference to Toy Story)


Miracle Rescue

When: Asian kickboxer rescues Mercedes , seemingly from out of nowhere

What: Say: Who the fuck are you?


It's A Helio

When: When Mercedes Suggests to take pictures of the snakes, the British guy shoots her down, and she says have you ever heard of the internet, or camera phone (don't exactly remember the line)

What: Say: "It's not a phone, it's a Helio, It's got Myspace Mobile!"


When: Mercedes says "or this, it's got both"

What: Say "Unfortunatly I don't get signal 3000 feet in the air" "Damnit, no signal" or "wow, I didn't know they had cell phone towers up there"


That Stupid Dog

When: Mary Kate is thrown at the snake and eaten

What: Say,"so that's what happened to the taco bell dog"


What a man can do with one hand

When: Rick says, "you'd be surprised what a man can do with one hand"

What: Men say the line along with him, then when finished, women say, "you'd be surprised what a woman can do with one finger"


MacGyver Moment

When: The crew of the plane inflate the life raft in the stairwell

What: Yell out, "I didn't know MacGyver was on this flight!"


Snakes climb the stairs

When: The snakes try to climb the stairs

What: Say "OMG, they're like reverse slinkeys!"


The lights go out

When: The lights go out after they've all gone into the 1st class cabin

What: Yell "Snakes!" along with our favorite extra.


Grace kicks the bucket

When: In the silence after Grace dies

What: Say: Don't worry, she was old anyway.



Grace kicks the bucket 2

When: Claire is turned away from the screen, sobbing, and Samuel L Jackson approaches

What: Yell "Tell that bitch to be cool! Say, bitch be cool!" in your best Samuel L Jackson voice. (Reference to Pulp Fiction's closing scene)


Grace kicks the bucket 3

When: The silent closeup of Grace's deceased face

What: Whisper as loud as possible, "ROSEBUD!!"


Sam with the Harpoon

When: Sam kills the snake with the harpoon and the snake curls around it

What: Shout, "He took that one hook, line, and Snaker!"



When: When the cockpit is opened and a dead Rick falls to the ground.

What: Shout: "Whammy!"


My Anaconda Don't Want None...

When: The Boa Constrictor drops and starts slithering around.

What: Say "My Anaconda Don't want none unless you got buns hun!"


Snakes Flying the PLane!

When: Right After Rick Falls Out into the Cabin and Everyone sees the cockpit is full of snakes.

What: Shout: "Snakes flying the plane!" or "Who is flying? Oh my god Snake is flying. How can this be?" (Line from Clerks cartoon series, ep 4)


THE Line

When: Sam Jackson says the famous line, “I've had it with these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking plane!”

What: Shout:"Shit, NEGRO! That's all you had to say!" (SLJ's famous line as Jules in Pulp Fiction)and break into wild applause


Shout THE Line along with SLJ.


Before Sam shoots out the window

When: Just after Sam tells everyone he’s going to shoot out the window to get rid of the snakes.

What: Shout: “I’ve had it with these motherfucking laws of physics on this motherfucking plane!”


Just after THE Line

When: Sam Jackson does the 3-2-1 countdown and shoots out the plane window.

What: Shout out the 3-2-1 with SLJ, then pull the cord on your champagne poppers.


Playstation or XBOX

When: Sam asks Keenan if he played Playstation or XBOX

What: Yell out your favorite system of all time! (XBOX, XBOX 360, PSP, PS2, PS1, Gamecube, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, N64, NES, SNES, Atari Jaguar, Turbo Grafix, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, etc...)


Live from New York!...

When: When the Emergency Slide is opened.

What: Shout "Live from New York, It's Saturday Night Live!" and when Kenan Thompson slides down, "Starring Kenan Thompson!"


Plane makes safe landing ------------------------------>>>

When: As plane rolls to a stop.

What: Walk to the screen, turn around and hold up your limo signs above your head (so the light from the projector lights them up.) Sit down after 10 seconds or so. ALTERNATIVE: When the credits start rolling at the end, run the the exit, or the lobby, and hold up the sign as the moviegoers pass by.



When: Troy and Sam L are screaming after plane stops

What: Ask "Whose house is it? Whose house are we in? For the love of God, will anyone tell me whose house we are in?" (Troy will say: "Troy's house!")


When: Troy says "That's my own brother, and I say "fuck him!"

__What:__ Say: Incest, yay! Or: Thanks for the permission, Troy!


Reveal of Bisexuality

When: "Gay" flight attendant actually has girlfriend

What: Shout "Think of the bisexuals. They think of you. Naked!


The date

When: SLJ asks Claire on a date.

What: Say: He's going to show her his Black Mamba!



This Movie Rules

When: Once the movie is finished, and the cheering stops

What: Shout "IN YOUR FACE WORLD TRADE CENTER!" (The other Movie with a plane)






Do As I Say

When: Anybody says or refers to the line, "Do as I say and you'll live"

What: After or overtop of them, say the line, "Come with me if you want to live" in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice (Recurring line from the Terminator movies)



Fat Albert

<------- When: Whenever you see the guy that played Fat Albert. (In orange shirt)

What: Shout (in Fat Albert Voice) "HEY! HEY! HEY! It's Snakes on a Plane!" or "Welcome to Good burger!/ Who loves Orange T Shirts?"


Playing PSP

When: Keenan Thompson is playing his PSP

What: Call out buttons for him to press (X,Circle,Triangle,Box,Up,Down,Left,Right)


When Sam Kills a Snake

When: Any time the great Sam Jackson kills a snake

What: cheer uncontrollably / yell "yes they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell" "Take that you MFing snake on this MFing plane!"


"Flight 121"

When: Whenever "Flight 121" is mentioned.



SoaP Singalong!

When: When you hear the song “Snakes on a Plane (bring it)”

What: Sing a-long with these SoaP Lyrics.

Also: While you’re singing along: during lyrics “kiss me goodbye,” wave goodbye.

Also: During lyric “come on, bring it” do the sign language sign for “snake”. Here are Instructions.


Drink Order

When: Whenever anyone orders a drink on the plane

What: Scream out "lets get legless!!"


Asian Gangster

When: After the Asian ganster says a line.

What: Shout: “…In bed.”


Line ends in "SNAKE:

When: Anyone’s line ends with “snakes.”

What: Call out: “Motherfucking snakes!”


Is he going to say IT???

When: Sam looks like he's about to say the line

What: Murmur: "say it.... say it...."


Life and Death Situations

When: During Sam Jackson's lines, “It's my job to handle life and death situations on a daily basis. It's what I do, and I'm very good at it. Now you can stand there and be the paniced, angry mob and blame him, me and the government for getting you into this, but if you want to survive tonight, you need to save your energy and start working together.”


What: At the beginning of these lines, stand up in the theater. After “... a daily basis.” shout: “Good!” After the line, “It's what I do, and I'm very good at it.” shout: “You are!” During the line, “Now you can stand there and be the paniced, angry mob and blame him, me and the government for getting you into this,” shout “No!” after the words him, me and the government. After, “but if you want to survive tonight,” shout “We do!” After, “you need to save your energy and start working together.” start shouting encouragement to each other such as “let's do it!” and “Here we go!” while vigorously shaking other people's hands around you.


Yeah, BITCH!

When: After Sam Jackson yells at anyone on the plane.

What: Shout: “Bitch!” for added emphasis.



When: Whenever Rick (played by David Koechner) is onscreen.

What: Shout: "WHAMMY!" (a reference to Koechner's better known role as Champ Kind in Anchorman). Even more effective if you say it when he's bitten by the snake or crawls from below the cockpit.



When: Whenever either of the two boys traveling alone are shown on camera (the ones with the tags that say "UM").

What: Repeat: “Um... Umm... Umm..." for as long as they appear on camera.


Sam's Flashlight

When: Sam Jackson has a flashlight out to look around.

What: Turn your flashlight on and inspect the walls and the aisles of the theater with it until he turns his off.


Passengers Attacked

When: Snakes are attacking passengers.

What: Cross your arms over your chest with your snake sock puppets, so to the person sitting in back of you, it will look like the snakes are attacking you. While you will be freaking out the people behind you, you'll also be giving yourself a hug, which is apparently very healthy.


Snake Bite

When: Whenever a snake bites someone.

What: COUNT out loud, increasing the number with every snake bite. Every time this occurs, throw one of your small rubber snakes toward the screen.


Snake Death

When: Someone kills a snake

What: Make your own “asp” joke: “Kick asp!” “Shake that asp!” “Look at that giant asp-hole!” (probably better after a snakebite) “What a total bad-asp!”


Get Snaked

When: Anyone removes any article of clothing, jacket, hat, whatever. In theatre or on the movie

What: Scream, "Let's get snaked"


Storm/Paper Airplanes

When: Whenever you see a shot of the plane flying through the storm.

What: LAUNCH paper airplanes


Do a Barrel Roll

When: Whenever you see a shot from the control tower of Flight 121's beacon.

What: Yell "Do a barrel roll!" (Reference to Star Fox, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrel_roll, common internet meme)



When: Whenever a gun is fired, especially when fired by SLJ.

What: Pull the cord on one of your champagne poppers.



When: Whenever a scene is shot from the snakes point of view.

What: Yell, "SNAKE-o-VISION!" in your best 50's movie trailer voice.


Parting Words

When: Just before you walk out.

What: Look ruefully at the screen, and say "You've won this round, internet..."

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Anonymous said

at 10:06 am on Aug 18, 2006

I added "say it..." and the timer countdown based on the spontaneous outbursts in the theater I was at. Thanks for the script, it was awesome.

Anonymous said

at 10:16 pm on Aug 18, 2006

might I suggest someone (a hardcore fan) somehow get the script down word for word and do something more along the lines of this....
for a COMPLETE SoaP audience participation experience

Anonymous said

at 4:21 pm on Aug 19, 2006

i added the "guess who else is on the plane" because that is one great setup. if you shout one thing in this movie - this is what and when to do it. --BTQ

Anonymous said

at 8:56 am on Aug 24, 2006

Anonymous said

at 4:48 am on Sep 10, 2006

I added the MaGyver comment. I tried my best, not so used to the html stuff. But hopefully my love for SoaP overcame these problems - BWK

Anonymous said

at 12:12 am on Sep 20, 2006

Fix the underlines. The proper wiki code is SPACEunderscoreunderscore[text]underscoreunderscoreSPACE (no squre brackets). I'd fix it, but its busted everywhere. Why are there so many bloody font tags about in here?

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